Scent Symphony is a synesthetic fragrance opera by Erich Berghammer aka aromajockey Odo7.

In a darkened room carefully selected and coordinated scent and sound sequences are played to create a realistic experience of travel, inner images, blissful emotions, and associations.

“ScentSymphony” is an atmospheric journey to locations that are defined by an exotic ''Other''- that is represented precisely as possessing a smelly (or fragrant) identity.

Authentic and traditional certified organic scents, spices, and fragrances from Europe, Africa, Arabia, South America, China, and India combine with sound and music to form an exotic, mystical, and multisensory unity that challenges our perception of time and space.

ScentSymphony is educational

The educational elements are on the one hand the recognition and the experience of fragrance as an information channel, the experience of synesthetic, and on the other hand the diverse cultural and historical aspects of fragrance and spices.

'ScentSymphony' can be shown in museums, theaters, galleries festivals, and cultural events with up to 300 guests. The piece can be repeated several times a day for groups of spectators.


The scents are fanned through the darkened theater while an audience up to 300 is comfortable seated or lying down.

ScentSymphony is a work by Erich Berghammer aka aromajockey Odo7, inventor of sensory clubbing, perfumer, and fragrance designer since 2002.